Includes the flash fiction story GOD: UNPLUGGED

Pink Girl Ink
Think Pink #1 is out!

The inaugural issue of this lit journal includes a re-print of my flash fiction story ‘God: Unplugged’. (It was originally published in Fifth Estate‘s issue #383, back in spring 2010.)

I’m jazzed to be alongside great writers, poets, artists. I’m particularly pleased to be included in a literary magazine “for, about, and by women.” I mean, how badass is that!

Stacy Mar and Miranda Sites of Think. Girl. Ink. Press have selected a lot of good stuff for this issue. Wanna take a look for yourselves? They’ve made the PDF a free download, and the print issue is available for ten dollahs. (That’s only ten clams American. 10.) To get some, just find the appropriate link HERE.

Now, I’ve gotta keep the momentum going, as best I can. Maybe I’ll actually have something new published, eh?

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