Might seem quaint, or funny — and in a way it is. But there’ll a lot more of this sentiment. Because life imitates science fiction.
From USA Today:

wldempij1p6idtw7bq71“I say robot, you say no-bot!”
The chant reverberated through the air near the entrance to the SXSW tech and entertainment festival here.
About two dozen protesters, led by a computer engineer, echoed that sentiment in their movement against artificial intelligence.
“This is is about morality in computing,” said Adam Mason, 23, who organized the protest.
Signs at the scene reflected the mood. “Stop the Robots.” “Humans are the future.”
The mini-rally drew a crowd of gawkers, drawn by the sight of a rare protest here.

I’m not terribly worried about AI, but I also understand why it freaks people out. So as our streets fill with self-driving cars, as more people have more conversations with their smart phones than with the humans that those phones were originally used to call, as sexbots become more commonplace than their human predecessors and military robots replace human soldiers, we will see protests and more.
This will be interesting to watch, as it escalates. Although it’ll seem familiar. Because we’ve read this. It has been foretold in the gospel according to Asimov.

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