Why would researchers place a worm’s mind into a Lego robot body? Why, fo’ science! [cue stage lightening]

In a project called OpenWorm, researchers have coded the mind of a roundworm and combined that software with a Lego robot. They were able to watch what was happening within the software while the robot moved around. The robot did, apparently, continue to behave the same as a roundworm.

Of course this will continue to move into a place where human minds are uploaded into software. It is inevitable. Why? The god of science demands it. Demands it!

The god of science, in case you aren’t aware, is Cthulhu.


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2 Comments on “Scientists place worm mind into robot body”

  1. Sparks: “Would you put your brain in a robot body?”
    Murphy: “Could my robot be a beautiful female robot?”
    sparks: “Sure.”
    Murphy: “Then you’re damn right I’d put my brain in a robot.”

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