According to, the rising water of the Great Lakes is “unprecedented.”

“Unprecedented” is always a good word to toss about in the news, ain’t it? It’s a good headline word, right up there with “shocking” and “historical.”

But I didn’t think about this: Last year the Great Lakes had a unique over 90% ice cover. (There was still a lot of ice on the Great Lakes through April, and even into the end of May!) That meant virtually zero water went back into the atmosphere–which was great because Michigan’s typically gray February was actually sunny and nice.

…BUT that also means there was little-to-no water loss in the lakes, and so the water has continued to rise all year. They’re still high and, according to the article, “lake levels peak in July.” Meaning we’re in for a potential floody year around the Great Lakes.

“Floody” is also a neat word. Like it? I made it up myself.

One thing that continues to fascinate me about living in a state surrounded by the largest freshwater bodies in the world is just how massive an influence the Lakes have over… well, pretty nearly everything in the Michigan and the surrounding states. Might sound silly, but it leaves me in awe sometimes.


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