Honor Among Thieves by James S.A. CoreyPoetry 180 by Billy CollinsMy Battle Against Hitler by Dietrich von HildebrandThe Dead Wrestler Elegies by W. Todd KanekoKenobi by John Jackson MillerThe Butcher of Anderson Station by James S.A. CoreyHell's Waiting Room by C.V. HuntLeviathan Wakes by James S.A. CoreyClockwork Fagin by Cory DoctorowEvil Robot Monkey by Mary Robinette KowalThe Lady Astronaut of Mars by Mary Robinette KowalSin and Syntax by Constance HaleMetro 2033 by Dmitry GlukhovskyThe Sound on the Page by Ben YagodaThe Alchemist by Paulo CoelhoVALIS by Philip K. Dick Snow Crash by Neal StephensonHammer Wives by Carlton Mellick IIIUnidentified Funny Objects 2 by Alex ShvartsmanShakespeare by Peter AckroydThe NASA Conspiracies by Nick RedfernSpace Walrus by Kevin L. DoniheRazor Wire Pubic Hair by Carlton Mellick IIIChick Bassist by Ross E. LockhartBaby Hater by C.V. HuntTreason by Dena HuntThanks For Ruining My Life by C.V. Hunt

Read a lot of great books…

…even if I didn’t quite make my goal of 50 books in 2014. I read 43. I can do better than that. Which is why I’m not renewing that goal for 2015. No. I’m setting my goal higher. My reading goal for 2015 is …60 books. Yes 60. Sixty.
First book read in 2015 is looking to be James S.A. Corey’s Caliban’s War, second book in the so-far freaking amazing Expanse series. After reading Leviathan Wakes last year I was hooked, and read the Expanse novella Butcher of Anderson Station, and then went on to read Corey’s Star Wars novel Honor Among Thieves.
I was happy to become a huge fan of team James S.A. Corey in 2014 (who is actually two writers). Which brings me to my most memorable reads of last year. In no particular order, some of my favorite reads of 2014 included: Leviathan Wakes (Expanse, #1), The Butcher of Anderson Station (Expanse, #0.5), and Honor Among Thieves–all by James Corey. Also My Battle Against Hitler: Faith, Truth, and Defiance in the Shadow of the Third Reich by Dietrich von Hildebrand, The Dead Wrestler Elegies by W. Todd Kaneko, Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky, Chick Bassist by Ross E. Lockhart, Shakespeare: The Biography by Peter Ackroyd, Thanks For Ruining My Life by C.V. Hunt, and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick–which I didn’t expect would be better than that awesome movie, but was pleasantly surprised to find that it was.
I’ll say that I enjoyed pretty much everything I read, but the above are the titles that seem to have really resonated.
Here’s to hitting some great books in 2015!

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