From politics, to music, to t.v. and film, there’s a huge demand to reboot the entire 1990s. Let me share a few theories as to why.

It’s feeling like the early-to-mid 90s again. We’re clamoring for Jurassic World, X-Files, Ash vs Evil Dead. The political arena is boasting the names Bush and Clinton again, and even Trump is out there shooting his mouth off again. It’s feeling so much like the 90s that Berkeley Breathed could resist in delivering Bloom County again.

Theory #1:

Why is there such an interest in rebooting the entire 1990s? I have this (admittedly cynical) theory: The 1990s were the last decade of good, original mainstream media entertainment. Seriously , what has come out of American mainstream film and television since then but sequels and prequels, movies based on already popular novels and comic book properties, and reworked imports from Britain television and Japanese cinema?

The mainstream entertainment has gotten to be so “safe” now, they don’t seem interested in anything that isn’t a pre-existing property. So if we’re going to be fed a diet of reboots and resurrected franchises through the movie theaters and tv, why not reach back to the closest decade that actually offered up kick-ass, original entertainment?

Screenshot_072215_105214_AMI believe this is a sound theory. There’s already a market demand for it. Enough of a demand that a rumor spread throughout the mainstream news media that Xena was being rebooted, and would once again star Lucy Lawless. A rumor that Lawless quickly clarified was untrue via her Twitter:

Theory #2:

My second theory is simpler: The current world has stopped being predictable. While that doesn’t necessarily mean the world is worse, it does seem less “safe” when, socially and politically, things seem so churned up.

So kicking that clock back a decade or two is more comfortable. After all, entertainment is largely about escape. Right?

Thoughts? Share them, please.

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