From Raconteur, a nifty infographic of the greatest-est storytellers, like, evah! From “The world’s greatest storytellers”:

…the problem is that with the advent of content marketing, every digital platform is buzzing with below-par content and “noise”. So we wanted to take a moment to celebrate storytelling as we know and love it – storytelling that comes from people, whether they are writers or actors or directors or poets or musicians.

I suppose that it can be argued that infographics are the latest in “modern content marketing, below-par content and noise.” But I’m not going to forward such an argument. Infographics are neat eye-candy slash factoid maps.

The content if a result of Raconteur collecting survey responses from some 500 authors, journalists, editors, students, and media and marketing professionals. Add some nice looking graphic design work and Voila! an infographic worthy of framing.

Click to make BIG:

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