How Waze saved my ass

Highlight of the drive back from North Chicago to west Michigan? I became ridiculously thankful for the Waze app that I use, after a chain of events in this order:

1. Shortly after leaving Illinois, Misty and I saw ahead in the distance a traffic jam. Like, traffic was lining up and not moving AT ALL. I started to slow down.
2. Then my phone received an alert via Google about a traffic jam on the highway I was on. (“Um, I know this, Google. I’m about to be in it.”)
3. Waze suddenly altered my route, totally on its own, and prompted me to get off the highway via the next exit. That exit happened to be right next to me. I took it. I barely avoided coming to a standstill and joining the blossoming traffic jam.
4. As I drove along the exit, I glanced over my shoulder and laughed at the poor saps on the highway. Because I’m a jerk.
5. A notification bubble appeared on my Waze app to inform me it’s sending on a detour that will save me at least 15 minutes.
6. After it sent me along a mile-and-a-half series of country roads, many of which ran parallel to the highway, I was deposited on highway again, on the other side of the traffic jam. We were on our way home!

Holy crap, that saved me from a heap of aggravation. Nothing can ruin a nice drive like sitting in a traffic jam, in the heat and sun, not going anywhere.
Thank God for technology.

Incidentally, if you are going on a long commute, I can’t recommend Waze enough. (I use a dashboard mount to hold my phone, even for local trips.)
I’ve always liked it, just for the way it crowdsources information about major potholes, traffic cops, and other things… but the way it bailed us out of a potential stand-still on the highway totally convinced me of this app’s awesomeness.

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