Hear the sounds of coffee shop chatter (or whatever your preferred ambient noise is) via this nifty desktop app

slide1If the ambient chatter of a coffee shop has become your preferred background noise to work to, and of you use Ubuntu Linux, this nifty app might be worth trying.

I’ve installed it over the weekend and I gotta say, I’m loving it. There are many times when I don’t really want to listen to music while writing, but I need something to filter out the random sounds of the household and city life.

There are 8 tracks loaded into it, including “Coffee Shop.” Nice bonus, this app integrates with Ubuntu’s music menu so it’s right there when I need it. It’s a free project, operating on donations.

Check this out:

The app, which is also known as ‘ANoise Player’ and is made by Marcos Costales, comes with a set of 8 high-quality sounds.

These 8 presets cover various ambient atmospheres, ranging from the rhythmic sound of rain, to the tranquil tones of nature at night, and back to the buzz of a bustling coffee shop in the afternoon.

Visit the full article for more details, as well as install instructions: OMG Ubuntu “Ambient Noise Player for Ubuntu Plays Relaxing Sounds to Keep You Creative”
The project website is here: anoise.tuxfamily.org

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