Jeff Bezos involvement in privatized space ought to insure that it’s more than just space tourism that we’ll be seeing in our lifetimes; but full blown Amazon-style space commerce. Which is great because free delivery to Mars sounds fabulous.

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has his eyes on private sector space. He’s been keeping details of his Blue Origin space tourism company under wraps until recently. A test launch of his spacecraft confirms that he’s in on the private space travel action alongside Virgin Galactic, Space-X, and Boeing.

This is great, because now I can rest assured that when I do make a trip into space, I’ll still take advantage of my Amazon Prime membership, and its guarantee of free delivery. Even if I am on the Moon or on Mars. Right, Bezos? You getting me?

From an article at the Daily Mail:

while Galactic relies on using a plane to slowly rise into the atmosphere, New Shepard takes off straight up and lands back on the ground.

This is known as vertical takeoff, vertical landing (VTVL).

And Blue Origin is also much more secretive – with this successful test flight taking many by surprise.

In video released by Blue Origin, the booster – using liquid hydrogen and oxygen – lifts the New Shepard vehicle to an altitude of 58 miles (94km).

This is four miles (six kilometres) short of the official boundary of space – the Karman Line – although there does not seem to be any problems with reaching this boundary in future.

Once it reached its peak altitude, accelerating at 3Gs, the booster separated from the capsule.

‘The in-space separation of the crew capsule from the propulsion module was perfect,’ Mr Bezso said in a blog post.

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Going to space is definitely on my bucket list, and it seems increasingly clear that such a thing is going to be possible in my lifetime. Which is pretty badass. I might not get to go somewhere like Mars, but I ought to be able to at least spend a night in orbit.

I don’t think I am asking too much.

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